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no wind no cloud no sun no moon no sky no universe

天气:喜怒哀乐酸甜苦辣no reasonthere's just no reason for loving a person so is for hating herand there is no reason for staying with a person so is for leaving herjust no reason no reason so no need to ask if one tries her best to ask then he must get nothing there are so many unknown things so don't waste time worrying yourselfthe other day i saw the film "perhaps love" twice moved deeply yeah sometimes we have no choice but to accept the result although we are not willing to or even we are in deep sorrow they depart each other even though they love each other deeply so strange so normal that's lifelife is cruel if you expect it goes according to your will ,you are only showing your foolperhaps love who knows what is real love hhe who knows god ??

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